New lighting lamps and ceiling of the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (as)

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As part of its series of rehabilitation, modernization and maintenance of the electrical system and its accessories in the holy shrine of Hazrat Abbas (as), the Electricity Division of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the Hazrat Abbas (as) Holy Shrine has recently updated the internal lighting lamps of the holy sanctuary and replaced them with new ones of multiple colors and other specifications in line with the existing glass decoration and chandeliers.

According to the Al-Kafeel Network division’s official engineer, Ali Abdul Hussein Abbas, said: “The work of lighting the sanctuary included removing old lamps and adding new ones to create a light balance inside it.”

He added: “These works were preceded by a study of the place to measure and calculate the electric and light loads then we installed the wiring of the light bulbs and linked it to electric power, and then linked to the central system for control.”

Abbas said we have put types of lamps of different capacities depending on the location of each lamp, we have also put other lamps of different types that are geometrically cut with 634 spot light of various capacity, as well as to install 548 lamps in the pavilions surrounding the holy sanctuary.

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